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Simply presented Postcode data at an affordable price with extensive documentation


Just postcode data without the hassle of learning complex API structures or negotiating unnecessary services and pricing.



Pricing from 1p per lookup with a reassuring pay as you go system, you will only pay for what you use, no monthly or hidden costs.

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Highly Documented

We provide clear, extensive documentation and support. As well as official open-source libraries to quickly get you up and running.

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Postcode lookup API example

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    "code": 2000,
    "message": "Push the 'Send Request' button above for a demonstration"
Open Postcodes demo requests are capped at 20 lookups per IP address, per day

Implement Postcode lookups into applications in minutes

Improve efficiency and data integrity in your web forms by using our jQuery Plugin

<!-- Postcode field -->
<div id="postcode_lookup"></div>

<!-- Add to your existing form -->
<label>First Address Line</label>
<input id="line1" type="text">

<label>Second Address Line</label>
<input id="line2" type="text">

<label>Third Address Line</label>
<input id="line3" type="text">

<input id="town" type="text">

<input id="postcode" type="text">
<!-- Include plugin file -->
<script src="jquery.postcode.min.js"></script>

<!-- Add after your form -->
    api_key: 'YOUR_API_KEY', // Sign up, for free, to receive an API key
        line_1: '#line1',
        line_2: '#line2',
        line_3: '#line3',
        post_town: '#town',
        postcode: '#postcode'
Open Postcodes demo requests are capped at 20 lookups per IP address, per day